I’m thinking it’s about time I wrote a new blog entry. The problem is, every time I do that, I end up getting really carried away and then lose the thread. I’ve got 4 blog articles sitting around in my “Drafts” folder; one about Sporting Heroes, one about Apple, one about David Millar and one about Climate Change. One day I might finish one but, hey, maybe I won’t because that’s just the way I roll.

I’ve been fiddling around with website content management stuff recently, using Joomla! basically. It’s pretty neat really but the only problem I’ve found is trying to get hold of templates and extensions to put on it that do the job I want. There are just so many of them that do similar things, some better than others, that it’s a minefield trying to work your way through it! Templates are also a bit of a nuisance; there are loads of free ones available but, more often than not, the demos that these developers point you to actually have a load of customisations and/or paid-for extras on their sites that it’s hard to tell what you’re actually going to see until you install it and then just get disappointed.

One template I’ve found that’s quite nice is one from FavThemes called “Favourite“! It’s quite subtle but fairly flexible and I used it on the East Hants Volleyball Club website I’ve been playing with. I’m quite pleased with the result so hopefully they are too.

Ah well, that’ll have to do for now. Have a nice day.

Strict Liability

With the winter Olympics upon us, and Jenny Jones having now won Britain’s “first” medal on the snow, I’m reminded of the Alain Baxter, the man who actually did win Britain’s first medal on the snow in Salt Lake City in 2002. Unfortunately for Baxter though, the urine sample he provided that day was found to contain traces of “methamphetamine”, a prohibited substance, and Baxter’s result was nullified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and his medal taken off him. Continue reading


Typical isn’t it; half way through installing your new kitchen stuff, the cordless screwdriver you’ve had for years but only used occasionally (until now) gives up the ghost! It wasn’t a hugely expensive one, just a Performance Power one (pretty naff company by the sounds of it) but it did the job and it had a variable torque feature which came in quite useful. Continue reading


This morning I travelled home from Chester on the M53, M56, M6 and M50. The M6, yet again, was a stream of stop/start traffic. The cause? Accidents. Not, however, as you might expect, accidents in the direction I was travelling! No! These were accidents on the opposite carriageway that should have had no effect on my side of the road. Continue reading

Ledbury Sainsbury’s

Well, it would seem that Ledbury is again to be attacked by a massive supermarket chain in the form of Sainsbury’s.

The day Tesco’s application to build a new superstore on the Ledbury Welding site was withdrawn, Sainsbury’s application to build next door to that site, on the current Galebreaker site, went in.

For background information on the Sainsbury’s plan it’s worth going to their Ledbury specific website. The gist of it it that they want to build something ever so slightly smaller than Tesco had planned, but with a filling station too. Continue reading

Ledbury Tesco

Just in case anyone hasn’t heard, Tesco are trying to relocate their Ledbury store from its currently location in Orchard Lane to the site currently used by Ledbury Welding in the Lower Road trading estate.

My view is that this is a bad move and I thought I’d write this blog to help you understand my thoughts on this. For the record it appears that the plan is to create a store that is significantly larger than the one at Belmont in Hereford (which is a pretty big shop!). Continue reading