Are people really that stupid #1?

Sometimes I wonder at the stupidity of people. In this case it’s in relation to eBay. I’ve been looking for a Behringer FBQ1502, 15 band graphic equaliser with feedback detection. What with the UK <> EU exchange rate fluctuations recently, the prices have gone up a bit, but quite a few have gone on eBay for around £35 recently.

This morning though, one I was watching, went for £75.50 with £10 postage, so £85.50. It was a used item from a private seller with no returns listed (and also not subject to the Distance Selling Regulations, which allow you to change your mind within 7 days).

Now two things strike me as odd on this.

First of all, even on eBay you can get a better deal on a new one of these. Just Add Music, the eBay arm of Blue Aran are currently selling these for £76.99 with £6.90 postage, so a grand total of £83.89, £1.61 less that the bidder paid for the used one.

Not only that, if you go to the Blue Aran website today, they’re on sale at £65.11 with £5.88 delivery, a grand total of £70.99, a full £14.51 less than the used version.

Funnily enough this happened before when I was watching something. It was an effects pedal coming to the end of production. A used one went on eBay for £63 on the same day it was in a half price sale at ~£32 for a brand new one in an online shop.

So, are people really so stupid that they assume they’ll get a bargain on eBay? Or is there more to it?

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