Typical isn’t it; half way through installing your new kitchen stuff, the cordless screwdriver you’ve had for years but only used occasionally (until now) gives up the ghost! It wasn’t a hugely expensive one, just a Performance Power one (pretty naff company by the sounds of it) but it did the job and it had a variable torque feature which came in quite useful. Continue reading

The Boys Brigade

When I was about 10 I had a number of friends at a different school and many of them were members of the Boys’ Brigade. One day one of my best friends, Andy Macleod, persuaded me to come along to the band practice where a bunch of people got together to play drums and bugles and march around the place. I loved it. They were a really good group of people and it was good fun. After I turned up a few times it was suggested to me that, really, if I wanted to keep coming, I ought to actually join the Boys Brigade. Continue reading

Are people really that stupid #1?

Sometimes I wonder at the stupidity of people. In this case it’s in relation to eBay. I’ve been looking for a Behringer FBQ1502, 15 band graphic equaliser with feedback detection. What with the UK <> EU exchange rate fluctuations recently, the prices have gone up a bit, but quite a few have gone on eBay for around £35 recently.

This morning though, one I was watching, went for £75.50 with £10 postage, so £85.50. It was a used item from a private seller with no returns listed (and also not subject to the Distance Selling Regulations, which allow you to change your mind within 7 days). Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I thought I’d use this as a place to get things off my chest, if anyone cares to listen. This should be an interesting excursion through the way my mind works and you’re welcome to tag along.

Have a nice day!